Goodbye to unpleasant vaginal Ordour, Abnormal vaginal discharge, itching,Irregular menstruation,Menstrual pain,

yeast infection ,ovarian cysts,fibroids and tighten your vagina

100% Organic and Natural Herbs.

For Every woman born with a vagina, ages 18-65, including those who may have experienced miscarriages, terminated pregnancies (wait 3 months minimum before use), sexual, emotional trauma & partial or full hysterectomies.

100% AUTHENTIC!!!! BEWARE OF Cheap FAKE!!!! ones

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*1 cleanse contains (4 vagina detox pearl )*


Our Yoni Detox Pearls will cleanse your Vagina making you achieve optimal Vaginal health.

What Does It Do?

The Yoni Vaginal Cleansing Gems Organic Detox Pearl, Detox Feminine Vaginal Womb aka Yoni Pearls used by women to aid in cleansing and detoxifying the vagina and to restore its ability back to its normal state. They aide to remove toxins, old blood clots and bacteria. The benefits of cleansing and detoxing are to maintain a healthy acidic environment of the vagina at (pH 4.5). 

  • Vagina Odour
  • Vagina Itching
  • Vagina Dryness
  • Vagina Looseness
  • Cervical Erosion
  • Yeast Infection
  • Bacterial Vaginosis
  • Abnormal Discharge
  • ​Cysts
  • Fibroid
  • Endometriosis
  • Heavy Menstrual Cycles
  • Bartholin's Cysts
  • Hysterectomy
  • ​Uterine Bleeding
  • Fungal Vaginitis
  • Tubal Blockage
  • Trichinomas Vaginitis

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Why Try This

You are sick of over the counter medicine. You want to try something that fits into your more natural holistic lifestyle. You want to have a vagina that is super fleeky. You want to release your past partner's energy from your womb.  Whatever the reason is, you have found the holy grail of all detoxes.

Why Does My Vagina Need To Be Detoxed? Isn't It Self Cleaning?

Yes, the vagina is self-cleaning and does this function well when in optimal health. However many women are not in their most optimal health due to stress, taking care of the world and more, eating fast food or food lled with GMOs, carrying years of emotional and or sexual trauma and being on birth control. If in optimal health many women would not experience having yeast infections, broids, infertility, cysts, bacterial vaginosis and more. Our yoni Vaginal Detox Pearls® are meant to give women an all natural herbal option instead of a chemical one.



1.Wash your hands and vagina,open the bag

2. Pull out the string of the tampon;

3. Insert the tampon inside vagina approximately 7 cm deep(leave the string outside);

4. One tampon can be used for 2-3 days(must remove it after 3 days)

5. Clean vagina with warm water

7. Insert next tampon 24 hours later after removing the first one;

8. 1 set of our yoni pearl constitutes a complete treatment



1. Should not be used by pregnant women and during menstruation (wait 3 days after last day menstruation)

2. Do not use on allergic patients

3. Discontinue use if abnormal reaction occurs or itching and painful vulvae. Wait 1-2 days and continue use after symptoms disappear.

4. Never use excessive force.

5. virgins Should not use


The Key Ingredients

Cnidium: increases sexual libido, clears up the skin, increases fertility and good for treating bacterial infections. Stemona: kills parasites, aids in blood ow

Fructus Kochiae: promotes urination, relieves itchiness
Motherwort & Angelica: regulates menstruation as well as removes toxins.

Rhizoma: removes toxins and can relieve hot ashes.
Borneol: reduces pain and can also reduce hot ashes.

Ligusticum Wallichii: helps to widen the blood vessels in the abdominal region, that increases blood ow and also helps in relaxation of abdominal muscle cells resulting in easing the period pains. Helpful with blood stagnation, useful for those with irregular cycles.

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